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Our Commitment to you

When you purchase a product from AFR Life, we understand it isn't just a piece of paper but a promise. It's a promise to be there when life turns upside down. We promise the claim process will be as smooth and quick as possible. We are here to help in this difficult time and will help make the process less overwhelming. 

Our Promise

AFR Life is dedicated to helping you through the claims process with as little stress and difficulty as possible. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to handle your claim with urgency and fairness.

How to complete your Life Insurance Claim

Please read this before you start your Claim Form. To facilitate the processing of your claim, please send us one certified death certificate and a fully completed Claim Form for each beneficiary. The certified death certificate can be returned if requested.

Policy and Deceased Information

Please include the policy number and all information requested for the deceased. This information is necessary for identification and benefit determination.

Beneficiary Information

Please complete all the beneficiary information, for each beneficiary, as this is essential for proper processing.

Payment Information

Payments will be made by check.


Please sign the form where indicated and have signature notarized.

Annuity Death Claims

To begin a claim on an annuity, please call AFR Life to receive the correct form and receive information about the specific options and IRS requirements.

Important Notes

If the estate is listed as a beneficiary-

When filing a claim for the Estate, the executor needs to sign the claim form and submit a copy of the Will or Trust paperwork showing their appointment

If there is an assignment- 

If any portion of the claim is assigned to a funeral home for final expenses, please submit the Death Claim Assignment Form.

If a spouse is a beneficiary-

If a spouse is the primary beneficiary, please submit the Spouse Affidavit Form.

If a Beneficiary is a minor- 

The legal guardian for the minor will need to sign the claim form and submit a copy of the court documents appointing the guardian to the minor.


Submit the Death Claim Form along with any additional documentation to:
AFR Life Insurance Company
PO Box 25968
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Claim Submission Forms

Death Claim Form
Death Claim Assignment Form
Spouse Beneficiary Affidavit Form