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We offer FAST same day filing, EASY online form submission and FLEXIBLE payment options.

At AFRLife, we have been providing annuities to the bail bond industry for over 15 years and we have the unique ability to offer a same day bail bond annuity service that currently takes

other companies days or weeks to complete. 


We are proud to be one of only four domestic insurance companies who are qualified to provide annuity products to professional and multi-county bail bondsmen. Our annuity products meet all statutory collateral assignment requirements of the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

We offer the FPDA+ Annuity, which is a fixed interest, no fee, no load annuity contract specifically designed for the Bail Bond industry.  Our flexible deposit feature allows for lump-sum deposits, rollover transfers from CD's, and other annuities, as well as regular monthly bank draft deposits.

With all the many things that you have to worry about each day, getting an annuity issued and delivered on time shouldn't be one of them.  With AFRLife you can apply for, sign, fund and get an annuity issued

without leaving your office or your desk!